Departmental Circulars

Technical Date Administrative Date
    Prescription of Dress Code to attend Hon'ble Court and office   (CWP No. 1043/2017-om Parkash V/s State of HP and Ors.) 04-08-2017
Regarding registration of Executive Engineer under GST Act 2017   18-08-2017 Disbursement of all beneficiary oriented assistance through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) into the account of the beneficiary -regarding) 02-08-2017
Rate contract for the supply of Explosive Material for the year 2017-18 17-05-2017 Inviting nomination for the prestigious Rashtra Vidhushan Award TM 2017 24-07-2017
Relaxation in condition No. 28.2b of SBD for State works 11-05-2017 Indira Gandhi Prize 24-07-2017
Declaration of various roads as Major District Roads in HP 18-04-2017 Filling up of posts on secondment basis revised instruction 24-07-2017
Notification No. FFE-B-F(4)1/2015 dated 02-12-2016 suspension of FCA , 1980 in the scheduled areas of Himachal Pradesh 31-12-2016 Shifting of  administrative and technical control from HPPWD Civil Division/subdivision to Mechanical Division/subdivisions 07-07-2017
Notification regarding non applicability in forest act for limited purpose of implementation 02-12-2016 Order of opening new HPPWD sub division at Nerchowk 03-07-2017
Order to de-notify the following State Highway and order to reclassify the same as MDR 05-04-2017 Order of opening new HPPWD sub division at Baragaon 12-06-2017
Enlistment & Renewal of Class D & C Contractorship 29-03-2017 Order of opening new NH Division at Theog 12-06-2017
Himachal Pradesh Skill Development Projects- approval of revised bidding document for the construction of CLC's/RLC's/MCC's 25-02-2017 Order of opening new HPPWD sub division at Mashobra 12-05-2017
Coverage of Contract workers under Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act 1952 30-01-2017 Order of opening new NH sub division 12-05-2017
Appointment of Arbitrators under NH act 1956  12-01-2017 Notification regarding R&P Rules of class-II and class-IV posts 05-05-2017
Appointment/ empanelment of State Quality Monitors ( SQMs) for inspection of  PMGSY works 21-12-2016 Order of opening new HPPWD sub division at Kuthera 09-05-2017
Important Circulars of MOEF regarding submission of Forest Cases   30-11-2016 Schedule of adhoc committee meeting for settlement of old Audit Paras 22-04-2017
Additional violation cases ( not included in list of 2183) not reported earlier to Hon'ble High Court 15-11-2016 Instruction regarding Certificate of Bonafide of Himachal 07-04-2017
Yard stick Rates of Bridges for Preparation of Preliminary Estimates 29-10-2016 Regarding Prime Ministers Shram Awards Scheme(PSMA) 06-04-2017
Enlistment & Renewal of Class D & C Contractorship 29-10-2016 CWP No. 2944/2016 titled Pankaj Vij vs State of HP pertaining to illegal erection of hording of NH and other PWD roads and removal thereof if found erected against the Rule  21-02-2017
List of Class-A and Class-B Civil Contractor in respect of Chief Engineer (Shimla Zone) 07-10-2016 Renewal of Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 18-11-2016
Office Order (Mechanical) 28-09-2016 Revision of rates of wages of daily wage Ex-serviceman Security Guards 16-11-2016
Employee Provident Fund for Employee Employed by Contractor 05-09-2016 Candidate recommended by PSC/SSC for appointment to State Services/ posts-delay in joining revival of offer of appointment after their cancellation- determination of seniority thereof   07-11-2016
Enlistment of Contractors 05-09-2016 Regarding revised format of NOC  i.e Annexure -B for issurance of passport facility to Govt. servants   20-9-2016
Imparting of training on RADMS 31-08-2016 Regarding the Lokpal and Lokayuktas( amendment) Act, 2016   20-09-2016
Regarding Evaluation/ Opening of Technical Bids/ Financial Bids of the works 5-09-2016 Inst. on exepmtion form passing the typewriting test on computer in respect of physical handicapped selected for post of clerk 16-09-2016
Order of Administrative and Technical control of main approach Tutikandi( Shimla Town) 05-09-2016 Shift the administrative control of HPPWD Mehcnaical/ Electrical Circles 17-10-2016
Office Order 31-08-2016 Regularization of daily waged workers of Nepali origin in relaxation of R&P Rules   01-10-2016
Nodal Officer for Road Safety Cell 29-08-2016 Regarding information result of information to concerned Employment Exchanges in HP 22-09-2016
The coverage of contract workers and construction workers under the EPF and MP act 1952 29-08-2016 Transfer of employees who have completed their normal tenure in Tribal etc. areas- instruction thereof. 21-09-2016
Renewal/Enlistment of Class-D Contractor in respect of 4th Circle Shimla 26-08-2016 Regarding revised format of NOC for issuance of passport facilities to Govt. Servants 20-09-2016
Renewal/Enlistment of Class-D & C Contractor in respect of 3rd Circle Solan  10-08-2016 Regarding the Lokpal and Lokyayuktas( Amendment) Act, 2016 20-09-2016
Employee Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act , 1952( Implementation of Provision thereof) 04-07-2016 Regarding conducting of examination once in the year for the post having same nomenclature- fixation of time schedule thereof 02-09-2016
Renewal/ Enlistment of Class-D & C Contractor in respect of 9th Circle Nurpur   Regarding Indira Gandhi Prize 2016 30-08-2016
Enlistment of Contractor   Regarding inviting nomination for Himachal Gaurav Purskar/ Prerna Srot Samman/ Civil Serives Award-2017 26-08-2016
Regarding Clearance of huge minus balance 26-05-2016 National Award for e-Governance 2016-17 to be given during the National Conference on e-Governance 26-08-2016
Rate contract for the supply of Explosive Material for the year 2016-17 04-07-2016 Regarding Skoch SMART Governance Awards 26-08-2016
Renewal/ Enlistment of Class-D & C Contractor in respect of 5th Circle Palampur   Supply of copy order passed in OA No. 264/2016 titled as Bhoop Singh vs State of HP dated 21-07-2016 18-08-2016
Renewal/Enlistment of Class-D & C Contractor in respect of 4th Circle Shimla    CWP No. 1303/2016 Puran Chand Bhardwaj vs State of HP and others 19-08-2016
Renewal/Enlistment of Class-D & C Contractor in respect of 3rd Circle Solan 

Renewal/Enlistment of  Contractor in respect of 3rd Circle Solan 

  Office Memorandum in respect of verification of character & antecedents applicable to the employees of the State with immediate effect 27-07-2016
Clearance to the project proposals of himachal pradesh under PMGSY (Batch-1, 2016-17)   Office Memorandum in respect of fixation of pay of re-employed pensioners - terms and conditions thereof 27-07-2016
राजभाषा हिंदी के प्रयोग की स्थिति का जायजा लेने के लिहाज से किए जाने वाले निरीक्षण से संबंधित  प्रश्नावल   Ban on transfers-instructions thereof 27-07-2016
Regarding Performance Guarantee & Security Deposit amendments thereof 18-04-2016 Notification ( shift the administrative and technical control of HPPWD Electrical sub division Tanda)   15-07-2016
List of renewal of Class C Contractors 09-05-2016 Opening of  two new National Highway Division at Chamba and Nahan   15-07-2016
List of renewal of Class D Contractors 18-04-2016 Preference in respect of candidate recommend for appointment in case of different /multiple channel of recruitment   04-07-2016
Enlistment of Class D Contractors (Civil Works Only) 18-04-2016 Processing of Bills through OLTIS   09-06-2016
New Enlistment of Class D Contractor (Civil Works Only)   Final Seniority list of various category   09-06-2016
CWD No.429/2016-titled as Rajesh Kumar & Ors V/s State of HP & CWD No. 4456/2016-titled as Chandan Swaroop Sharma and others-Court Matter 16-04-2016 Manpower status of Beldars/dailywagers in HPPWD 23-05-2016
EPF and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952 ( Implementation of Provision thereof)   14-03-2016 Opening of a new HPPWD Sub-Division at Jhatintri with two sections at Tikken & Sudhar 04-06-2016
Directions for not procuring cement/ saria from private vendors   10-03-2016 Video Conference on Ongoing road under CRF /ISC to be held on 10/06/2016 at 11:00 AM 04-06-2016
Procedure for seeking approval for diversion of forest land for non forest purpose managed by govt under section3 (2)of  ST and other Traditional forest Dwellers Act 2006   16-04-2016  Grant of two additional increments in place of one additional increment to the  drivers of all Govt. departments 24-05-2016
Standard RFP document for selection of Authority Engineer for works to be implemented on Engineering procurement and construction mode.   14-03-2016 Recommendations for Padam Awards 2017 23-05-2016
Enlistment of Class D Contractor   10-03-2016 Guidelines for Preparation of action Plan-Prevention and Management of Hear wave regarding 23-05-2016
Direction for not procuring cement from private venders 26-02-2016 CWP No. 6631/2014-Titled Bhartiya Govansh Rakshan Samverdahn Parishad HP vs Union of India 26-05-2016
Call for Nominations 8th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards to be held on 7th march, 2016 at Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Centre New Delhi 23-02-2016 Amicable settlement with contractor to avoid arbitration claims of contractors under PMGSY works. 18-05-2016
Use of Plastic waste in bituminous mixes in Construction of National Highways 11-12-2015 Schedule of Adhoc Committee Meeting 29-04-2016
Procurement of Cement 12-01-2016 Regarding fifty percent batch-wise recruitment to post where candidate have undergone professional training 29-04-2016
Recommendation of 9th IRF Regional Conference on " Road Safety Initiatives- Status and the way forward" on 5th-6th October at India Habitat Center,New Delhi 10-12-2015 Providing of employment assistance to eligible dependents of Soldiers 29-04-2016


Minutes of meeting held on dated 17-11-2015 under the chairmanship of Addl. Chief Secretary (PW) to the Govt. of HP 11-12-2015 Grant of enhancement in contractual emoluments payable to employees working on contract basis 26-04-2016
Order of Nodal Officer (Deposit Works)   Work charged clarification thereof 19-04-2016
Blacklist of Sh. Vijay Thakur Govt. Contractor   Payment of TA/DA to State Govt. Employees in HP 26-04-2016
Debarment of Consultants/Civil Contractor by the Ministry and its implementing agencies- applicability of court order      
Instructions regarding calling of tender notices     Policy to regulate the service of Part Time workers 25-04-2016
Instructions relating to appointment of Arbirator     Regularization of daily waged workers / contingent paid workers  
Earthquake safe construction of masonry buildings ( simplified guidelines for all new buildings in the Seismic zone V of India)   Regularization of Contract appointees in Govt. Department  
List of renewal of Class D Contractor     Notification (No.FIN(C) B(15)6/2013 dated 28th March 2016 received from Addl.Cheif Secretary(Finance)  
Procurement of Bitumen Emulsion   Grant of daily wages to part time workers converted as whole time contingent paid/ daily waged workers- instruction thereof 03-03-2016
Delegation of Financial powers and revision of economy instruction   Instruction for filling of 1st appeal before the distt judge/ addl. distt judge by ADA/DA in civil suits without advice of Govt. 01-04-2016
Regarding revision of digging charges on PWD roads for laying underground cables/ optical fibres   Implementation on new online HPOLTIS  
Implementation of HP Minor Minerals (concession) and Mineral (prevention of illegal mining, transportation & storage) rules 2015   Procedure to be observed by Departmental Promotion Committee revised guidelines regarding  
Detail of material purchased in respect of Shimla Zone   Supply of copy of order in granting of work charge status upon completion of 8 years service to those workmen in continuous engagement since year 1994, 1995,1996 & 1997 with citizen of India and in Nepali citizen for 1994,1995 & 1996.     
Establishment of field labortary by the Contractor under PMGSY   Purchase of Land by Government servants- permission under Conduct Rules  
Upgradation of Tharanjan and to Tandi Road   Appointment of Sons/daughters/ near relations of Government servant who die in harness leaving his family in immediate need of assistance- modification thereof  
List of renewal of Class-C and D Contractor   Grant of four tier pay scales- ref letter No. Fin-(PR)B(7)-1/98-II dated 23-6-2000  
Revision of Steel rates    CWP No. 8685/2011 titled as Sh. Nand Lal vs State of HP  

लेखा परीक्षा प्रतिवेदन पर बांछित सुचना महालेखाकार कार्यालय को उपलब्ध करवाने वार

  Supply of copy of Judgment passed in CWP No 1522/2015 titled as Smt. Soma Devi vs State of HP, dated 9-10-2015  
Delegation of financial power's and revision of economy instructions   Regarding undertaking theme based cleanliness drive as part of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM),  
Minutes of meeting held on dated 9-6-2015 under the chairmanship of Addl. Chief Secretary (PW) to the Govt. of HP.       Probation of a Government servant appointed to the service under the State Government- instructions thereto  
New Rules for enlistment and revalidation of enlistment  in HPPWD      

Various forms for enlistment

  CWP No. 6631/2014 Titled Bhartiya Govnash Rakshan Samberdahn Parishad HP vs Union of India  
Rate contract for the supply of Explosive Material for the year 2015-16   Supply of copy of judgement passed in CWP No. 1670/2008 titled as Tek Chand Vs State of HP dated 19-05-2015  
Yard stick rates for routine maintenance of roads   Forwarding of applications/ representaions-instructions regarding  
Review of the progress of e-Procurement in HP(Threshold  Limit for Floating  e-Tendering)   Request for family Data for implementation of Mukhya Mantri State Health Care Scheme  
Submission of RMMS data for the preparations of AMP 2015-16   Re-organize of HPPWD Mandi,J/Nagar & Baijnath Circles/opening of new sub division at Baroh Distt. Kangra  
Timely submission of Renewal Cases of the Contractor   Supply of copy of judgement passed in CWP No. 1332/2013 titled as Jhabe Ram vs State of HP 18-04-2015  
Instructions regarding providing of soft copy of tender notice/auction notices/notifications for publication in Giriraj Weekly   Notification Reg.4-9-14 to AE  
Violation of the provisions of the forest (Conservation) Act, 1980-approval to cases of construction of roads in compliance of directions passed on 8.8.2013 and 5.9.2013   Non deduction of royalty form the contractors bill    
Instructions regarding non-submission of original documents with the tender   Result of Audit under the receipt head  " 0059 Public Works  
Finalization of bills of contractors   CWP No.11334/2011 Titled Prakash Chand vs State of HP decided on 17-4-2015  
Timely submission of Renewal Cases of the Contractor   Instruction regarding  posting of officers/ officials having doubtful integrity    
DFO/CF Committee Notification

Submission of evidences

  Acceptance and confirmation of Bank Guarantee   
The Cabinet's approval for updation of PMGSY to allow revision of the core network to include left out habitations-Follow up action   Notification regarding Mukhya Manri State Health Care Scheme  
Yard stick rates for routine maintenance of roads.   Notification for shifting of Padhar divison back to Mandi    
Guidelines for Evaluation of Bids ad Award of Contract under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY)   Notification for First Appellate Authority/ PIO/APIO to Right to Information Act 2005    
Adoption of Accrual Accounting System in Government Departments- conduct of pilot study in two public works divisions, (Shimla-I & III)   Elimination of references to castes and sub castes in matters connected with the State and its services from official records  
Acceptance of single bid/tender under PMGSY   Office order provision of Filing System of office    
Awarding of tenders   Supply of copy of order in granting of work charge status upon completion of 8 years service to those workmen in continuous engagement since year 1994, 1995,1996 & 1997 with citizen of India and in Nepali citizen for 1994,1995 & 1996.     
Appointment of arbitrator and submission of disputes   Regarding admissibility of joining time and travelling allowance on transfer of contract employees.  
Levy of departmental charges for the execution of works by HP.PWD- Break up thereof   Regarding Finalization and issue of sonority lists of Govt. employee  
Corrigendum about Promotion of Surveyors to the Post of Junior Engineer (Civil) in HPPWD   Appointment of sons/daughter/near relation of Govt. servent who die in harness leaving his family is immediate need of  assistance modification thereof   
Promotion of Surveyors to the Post of Junior Engineer (Civil) in HPPWD   Finalization of representation of Govt. employee regarding service matter  
Requirement of L.O.C for NABARD Works   Schedule of Adhoc Committee Meeting  
Deduction of royalty charges from the Contractor   Extension in service under rule 56(d) of the Fundamental Rules  
Finalization of bills of Contractors   Guidelines for defending arbitration cases, arbitration award dated 20-12-2014  
Clearance of side-drains and culverts   Adhoc Committee meeting   
Damage Claim Proforma   CWP No. 8891/2014- Lekh Ram vs, State of HP    
Powers of the Officers to grant extension of time limit to contractors   CWP No. 6631/2014- Titled Bhartiya Govansh Rakshan Smaverdhan its general Secretary VS, State of HP    
Deviation information   PAC Report 253   
Diversion of funds   Implementation of directions 18-01-2000 given by Hon'ble Supreme Court in writ petition( Civil) No. 318   
Maintenance of Buildings and Roads   ACR instructions thereof   
Splitting-up of works     Best Nabard Partnership Award letter thereof  
Proforma for Split up Sanction   Four tier pay scale to Assistant Engineers (Civil)  
Revision of cost of Tenders    

Review DPC (Graduate Junior Engineers) in view of Hon'ble Court judgement passed on 5.3.2011 in CWP No. 6943/2010,4344, 8021, 8238, 8239 of 2010 and CWP No. 505, 771, 8 of 2011.

Revision of Financial Powers of the Officers of Public Works Department   Regarding Tax Deducted at source under section 17 of HP VAT Act read with Rule 38 of the HP Vat Rules, 2005  

Appointment of Arbitrator

  Results of Audit under the receipt head 00-59 Public Works  
Finalization of bills of Contractors   Information regarding CAG Para of HPPWD  
Appointment of Adjudicator   Deadlines for pending FATRs in HPPWD  

Inspection of works by Engineers of Quality Control Wing

  Non-Credit of lapsed deposits to the Government Revenue Account  
    Pending FATRs in Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department   
    Notification regarding to release the four tier pay scales of Assistant Engineers/Executive Engineers on completion of 4/9/14 years of service  
    Schedule of Adhoc Committee Meeting  
    Proceedings of State Level Adhoc Committee Meeting 2013-2014 for the settlement of old outstanding inspection reports/paras  
    Appointment to the post of Director (Projects) in NRRDA on deputation basis  
    Review of the progress of e-Procurement in HP (Threshold Limit for Floating e-Tendering).  
    Designated /re-designated officers of HPPWD as appellate Authority, Public Information Officers and Asstt. Public Information Officer.  
    Self Certification  
    Deployment of daily waged Beldar/Regular Beldar in the offices in PWD Department -action thereof.  
    Delegation of power(s) to accord sanction(s) under SOE "Rent, Rate & Taxes" - Latest Instructions thereof.  
    Timely submission of Renewal Cases of the Contractor  
    Schedule of Adhoc Committee Meeting  
    Dismantle of old government buildings declared unsafe - need to maintain economy  
    Arbitration for the work C/o balance work Chachi Barotiwala road via Gunai in distt solan  
    Recourse against arbitral award Section 34(3) of Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.  
    Permission under Sec.3 & 13(i) to (vi) of HP. Road infrastructure Act, 2002.  
    E-mail/SMS alerts to contractors at the time of uploading the tenders on portals  
    Circular regarding arbitration cases  
    Extension of time under Clause-5 of and payment of price escalation under clause-10-C/CC/CA  
    Filing/Contesting Arbitration Cases  
    Schedule of Adhoc Committee Meeting  


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