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There are 17 No. National Highways involving a  length of 2002.690 Km. in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The following 5 No. National Highways having a length of 632.000 Km. have been declared as National Highway by the Ministry on 4th March,2014.

    1.  Manali to Sarchu (222.000 Km.)

    2.  Samdhu to Gramphoo (209.500 Km.)

    3.  Purana Matour to Macleodgang (22.500 Km.)

    4.  Katori Banglow to Bharmour (133.00 Km.)

    5.  Amb to Mubarakpur (45.000Km).

              Out of which Serial No. 1 & 2  432 Km. is with BRO & 200Km. with State National Highways.

                   Further the following  National Highway were declared by the Ministry on 31st March., 2015 i.e. Theog to Hatkoti (74.00 Km.) and 2 No. National Highways also declared by the Ministry on 14th May, 2015 i.e. Una to Bhota ( 70.00 Km.) and Banethi to Kumarhatti ( 75.00 Km.).

                   The Lane wise breakup of National Highways in the State of Himachal Pradesh is as under:-

  Single Lane ( in Km.)            795.573 Km.

  Intermediate lane (in Km)      295.125 Km.

  Double lane (in Km).             911.992 Km.

  Total:                                       2002.690 Km.

                     Density in respect of population is  28.6 Km. per Lakh Population and Area is 35.96 Km. per Thousand Sq. Km. in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

                     There are 67 No. on-going Projects involving a  length of 406.455 Km. amounting to Rs. 1127.45 Cr. out of which 12 No. works have been  completed involving a length of 92.960 Km. amounting to Rs. 267.85 Cr. There are 8 No. delayed Projects out of which 7 No. will be completed by Dec., 2015/March, 2016. 1 No. work has been terminated.

                      The Annual Plan for the year 2015-16 has been approved by the Ministry amounting to Rs. 889.00 Crore under Original Head. 15 No.  Estimates have been submitted to Ministry amounting to Rs.102.00 Cr. for sanction.

                       Estimates to the tune of Rs. 133.00 Cr. have been sent to the Ministry under Periodical Renewal Head, out of which sanction ceiling of Rs.37.00 Cr. has been received from Ministry. Estimates to the tune of Rs. 13.16 Cr. have been sanctioned.

                       During  Current Financial Year 2015-16 there is a allotment  of Rs. 120.00 Cr. ,Rs. 69.64 Cr. and 11.00Cr. In Original, Periodical Renewal and Ordinary Repair .

                        The Physical Target and Achievement of National Highway up to Oct., 2015 is as under:-



Target.(In Km.)

Achievement.                    (In Km.)

Widening to        2 Lane, Strengthening & IRQP

 W/d        =20.590



W/d         =2.275


BC/SDBC  =88.880

Periodical Renewal

BM         =27.805

SDBC      =34.000

BC            = 132.980

PC            =25.792

BM           =21.205

SDBC        =0.000

BC             = 85.900

PC             =0.000

Major Bridges


5 No. Bridges( Combermere Nallah),LalPani,Bathu,Bajgar & Dehri Khad.

2 No. Bridge completed i.e. Bajgar Khad june, 2015.& Bathu Khad Bridge Oct.,2015

Minor Bridge

3 No. Bridges (Dadu Nallah, Gagrate Khad & Manjhi Khad )

In progress.


Financial Achievement during the year 2015-16 upto Oct.-2015.

Sub Head

Allocation (Rs. in Cr.)

Expenditure (Rs.in Cr.)

NH (O) 5054




NH (M&R) 3054 Periodical Renewal



NH (M&R)3054 Ordinary Repair



NH (M&R)3054           ( FDR) (Cont.)



NH (M&R)3054 (FDR) (N)




Detail of National Highways

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