Promotion/Posting order of SE(Civil) 17-03-2020
Notification of Er. Vikas Sood  Superintending Engineer(NH) 05-03-2020
Notification of Er. Sanjeev Thakur& Er.R.S.Rana  to hold the charge of EE(Elect) and EE(IT) 29-02-2020
Promotion/Posting order of SeniorAssistant 13-02-2020
Notification regarding retirement date of following officers 12-02-2020
Transfer/Posting order of A.E./J.E.(Civil) 12-02-2020
Promotion/Posting order of Superintendent Grade-I 07-02-2020
Transfer/Posting order of A.E.(Electrical) 20-01-2020
Four Tier Pay Scale of A.E.(Elect./Mech.) completion of 04/09/2014 year of services 20-01-2020
Cancel/Withdraw the transfer/posting order of EE(Civil) 17-01-2020
Appointment order of J.E(Civil) on contract basis 17-01-2020
Transfer/Posting Order of Munish Bhopal A.E(Elect.) to hold the Charge of E.E.(Elect.) 15-01-2020
Transfer/Posting Order of Sh. Parvesh Kumar Sharma E.E.(Horticulture). 15-01-2020
Transfer/Posting order of Sh.Vijay Kumar Chauhan E.E.(Civil) 10-01-2020
Promotion/Posting order of Er. Sanjeev Thakur  EE(Elect) 04-12-2019
Office order of Sh. Choudhary Ram Sharma J.E.( Civil) to holding the charge of A.E(Civil) 04-12-2019
Promotion /Posting order of Jamadar 02-12-2019
Promotion /Posting order of Technician Gr-I,Junior Technician, Technician Gr-II to the post of J.E(Mech.) 30-11-2019
Transfer Order of A.E(Civil) to hold the Charge of E.E.(Civil) 27-11-2019
Transfer/Posting order of E.E.(Civil) 27-11-2019
Transfer/Posting order of E.E.(Civil) 19-11-2019
Promotion/Posting of Supdt. Gr-I to the post of Registrar 16-11-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Sudhir Gupta EE(Civil) 15-11-2019
Transfer/Promotion/Posting of S.E.(Civil) 15-11-2019
Transfer/Posting order of J.E.(Civil) 14-11-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E.(Civil) 11-11-2019
Promotion order of Work Inspector &Class IV Categories to the post of JDM 30-10-2019
Promotion order of EE(Civil) to S.E.(Civil) 26-10-2019
Regularization order of J.E.(Electrical) 09-10-2019
Notification of Sh. Lokender Singh Chauhan Ex-Consultant Land Acauisition. 01-10-2019
Regularization order of Clerk 01-10-2019
Regularization order of Steno-typist 01-10-2019
Promotion Order of Supdt Gr-I 24-01-2019
Cancellation the Transfer order of Sh. Anil Kumar Sharma A.E.(Civil) 21-10-2019
Transfer Posting order of Sh. Raj Kumar Dhiman A.E.(Civil) 21-10-2019
Transfer Posting order of Sh. Virender Kumar Dhiman EE(Civil) 20-9-2019 20-09-2019
Promotion Posting Order of Sh. Kamal Chand Supdt Gr-I 19-09-2019  
Up-gradation of the one post of of AE(Horticulture) to the post of EE(Horticulture) 19-09-2019
Up-gradation of the one post of Senior Architect to the post of  Chief Architect HPPWD Mandi Zone 19-09-2019
Appointment order of Ex. Serviceman candidate of  J.E(Civil) on contract basis 17-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of  Sh. Sachin Nadda A.E. (Civil) 17-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of  Smt. Neelam Khanna Supdt G-I  on promotion 16-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Sanjeev Thakur A.E. (Elect.) 13-09-2019
Order the placement of services of following officers/officials of HPPWD on secondment basis with RTDC 13-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E. (Mech.) 12-09-2019
Transfer/Adjustment order of A.E./J.E.(Civil) 11-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E./J.E.(Civil) 11-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E. (Civil) 11-09-2019
Promotion order of Sh. Vijay Kumar EE(Civil) to S.E.(Civil) 03-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E. (Civil) 03-09-2019
Adjustment order of Sh. Jitesh Kumar A.E.(Civil) 02-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of S.E. (Civil) 02-09-2019
Transfer/Adjustment order of A.E./J.E.(Civil) 02-09-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Kumud Kumar Updhyay A.E.(Civil) 31-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Ajay Kumar E.E.(Civil) 22-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Surjeet Singh A.E.(Civil) 17-08-2019
Order of J.E(Civil) to hold the Charge of A.E.(Civil) 17-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Jitesh Kumar A.E.(Civil) 16-08-2019
Office order of Sh. Lok Pal Sharma AE(Civil) 16-08-2019
Promotion/Transfer/Posting order of S.E(Civil) 16-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E.(Civil) 16-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Akash Sood A.E.(D) 16-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of E.E/A.E.(Civil) 16-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of E.E.(Civil) 1608-2019
Transfer/Posting order of A.E/J.E.(Civil) 08-08-2019
Transfer/Posting order of E.E.(Civil) 08-08-2019
Cancellation/Transfer order Sh. Naveen Singh Kaundal A.E.(Civil) 08-08-2019
Appointment/Posting order of batch wise J.E.(Civil.) on waiting panel on contract basis 06-08-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Naresh Kumar Gupta Assistant Architect 02-08-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E.(Civil) 01-08-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Rajiv Sharma E.E.(Civil) 01-08-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Hari Ram A.E.(D) 01-08-2019
Order of Sh. Bhupinder Pal J.E.(Civil) 01-08-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E.(Mech) 01-08-2019
Cancellation/Transfer order of Sh.Prem Shingh Negi Senior Architect 27-07-2019
Promotion/Posting Order  of Work Inspectors to the post of J.E.(Civil) 27-07-2019
Promotion/Posting Order  of Surveyors to the post of J.E.(Civil) 27-07-2019
Cancellation/Transfer order of Sh. Suresh Kumar Chandel A.E.(Civil) 26-07-2019
Order of Smt. Sarojini Sharma Architect 26-07-2019
Appointment/Posting of J.E.(Mech.) on contract basis 26-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E.(Civil) 25-07-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh.Suman Kumar A.E. (Civil) 24-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Prem Singh Negi Senior Architect 23-07-2019
Transfer/Posting order of Sh. Rajeev Kumar A.E. (Civil) 23-07-2019
Promotion/Posting order of Sh. Keshav Ram Sudt.Gr-I 20-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E.(Civil) 20-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E.(Civil) 19-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of E.E.(Civil) 19-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Vijay Thakur Assistant Architect 16-07-2019
Promotion/Posting Order  of  Circle Head Draughtsman 08-07-2019
Promotion/Posting Order  of  Head Draughtsman 08-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of E.E/A.E.(Civil) 03-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E/(Civil) 03-07-2019
Regularization/Posting order of Sh. Rajesh Kumar Dailywages Peon 02-07-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Rahul Sood EE(D) 29-06-2019
Promotion and Posting order of Naib Tehsildar 28-06-2019
Regularization/Posting order of Smt. Surekha Pawar Dailywages sweeper 26-06-2019
Order of Ravi Kapoor A.E.(Civil) 24-06-2019
Transfer/Posting of A.E/J.E.(Civil) 24-06-2019
Promotion/Posting /Adjustment order of Smt. Krishna Kumari Supdt.Gr-I 22-06-2019
Promotion/Posting of Supdt. Gr.-II 21-06-2019
Order of Sh. Anand Kumar A.E.(Civil) 20-06-2019
Transfer/Posting of Ajay Kumar Soni EE(Civil) 20-06-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Shubham Aggarwal A.E (Civil) 19-06-2019
Appointment/Posting of J.E.(Civil) on contract basis 19-06-2019
Transfer /Posting of Sh. Rajesh Kumar A.E.(Civil) 19-06-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Charan Jeet Kumar A.E.(Civil) 14-06-2019
Order of Sh. Dev Raj Sharma A.E.(Civil) 12-06-2019
Transfer/Posting Order of Miss Bina Kumari A.E. (Civil) 12-06-2019
Transfer/Promotion Order of S.E. (Civil) 11-06-2019
Promotion/Posting Order  of Supdt. Grade-I 11-06-2019
Two Tier Pay Scale of Vijay Kumar Aggarwa; E.E.(Civil)  Including the Service of A.E.(Civil) 04-06-2019
Notification of Smt. Geeta Gupta A.E. (Design) 04-06-2019
Promotion order of Sh. Sanjay Kumar Ralhan A.E.(Civil) 04-06-2019
Four Tier Pay Scale of A.E.(Civil) 04-06-2019
Two Tier Pay Scale of E.E. Including the Service of A.E.(Civil) 04-06-2019
Promotion order of Sh. Vivek Sharma Assistant Architect  to Architect (Class-I) 03-06-2019
Transfer/Posting of following E.E.(Civil) 03-06-2019
Appointment order of following Patwari on contract basis 31-05-2019
Press Note Regarding Patwari Examination 31-05-2019
Regularization order of Daily wage  Peon 08-05-2019
Regularization order of Daily wage Sweepers 25-04-2019
Regularization order of Assistant Architect 16-04-2019
Regularization order of AE(Civil) 16-04-2019
Regularization order of Ajit Kumar Steno-Typist 10-04-2019
Regularization /Posting  order of JDM 09-04-2019
Regularization /Posting  order of JE (Mech.) 09-04-2019
Regularization /Posting  order of JE (Civil) 09-04-2019
Order of Sh. Sunil Kapoor EE(Civil) 05-04-2019
Leave Notification of Sh. Ashwani Kumar Abrol Chief Engineer PMGSY 25-03-2019
Leave Notification of Sh. Ajay Garg Chief Engineer-cum-Project Director,HPRIDC 25-03-2019
Leave Notification of Sh. R.K. Verma Engineer-in-Chief (Project) HPPWD 25-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Rajesh Kumar EE(Civil) 08-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Kishore Kumar Sharma EE(Civil). 08-03-2019
Order of Sh. Ajay Kumar EE(Civil) 08-03-2019
Order of Sh. Swaroop Kumar Dhiman AE(Civil) 08-03-2019
Promotion/Posting /Adjustment order of EE (Civil) 08-03-2019
Promotion/Posting order of EE (Civil) 08-03-2019
Placement order of Junior Technician (Carpenter Gr.I,II,III,IV) Designated as Technician Gr.I/II/ Junior Technician. 08-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Ajit Kumar AE(Civil) 07-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Ravi Bhatti EE(Civil) 07-03-2019
Order of JE(Civil) to hold the charge of AE(Civil) 07-03-2019
Order of Sh. Roop Chand Engineer officer. 07-03-2019
Promotion/Posting of HDM to the post of Circle Head Draughtsman. 07-03-2019
Promotion/Posting of Draughtsman to the post of Head Draughtsman. 07-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of AE/JE(Civil) 06-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh.Dinesh Sen AE(Civil) 05-03-2019
Order of Sh. Netra Parkash JE (Civil) 02-03-2019
Promotion / Posting of JE(Mech.) 02-03-2019
Order of Sh. Amar Nath Technician Gr-I (Mech.) 02-03-2019
Promotion /Posting of Surveyors. 02-03-2019
Promotion of Technician Gr-I (Mech.) 02-03-2019
Transfer/Posting of AE (Civil) 01-03-2019
Promotion /Posting of Head Draughtsman (Arch. Wing) 01-03-2019
Promotion / Posting order of Junior Assistant to Senior Assistant 01-03-2019
Promotion / Posting order of Senior Assistant to Supdtt Grade-II 01-03-2019
Promotion order of Circle Head Draughtsman to the post of Planning officer 01-03-2019
Promotion order of Sh. Rajinder Kumar JE(Civil) 28-02-2019
Promotion of JE(Civil) 28-02-2019
Order of Sh. Balbir Singh Gora EE(Elect.) 27-02-2019
Order of Sh. Kishore Kumar Rawat EE(Mech.) 27-02-2019
Order of Sh. Kartar Chand SE(Civil) 27-02-2019
Order of Sh. Shyam Lal Bhatti AE(Mech.) 26-02-2019
Order of Sh. Umesh Sharma EE(Civil) 26-02-2019
Order of Sh. Yash Pal Vashishta, EE (D) 26-02-2019
Transfer/Posting of Ms. Nivedita Negi AE (D) 26-02-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Deva Nand EE(D) 26-02-2019
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Anoop Kumar AE (Civil) 26-02-2019
Office Order of Sh. Suresh Kumar Sonkar EE(Civil) 06-02-2019
Appointment/ Posting order of Surveyors on Contract basis. 06-02-2019
Promotion / Posting of EE(Civil) 05-02-2019
Transfer/Posting of EE(Civil) 04-02-2019
Transfer/Posting of AE (Civil) 04-02-2019
Retirement Order of following Planning Officer 31-01-2019
Promotion/Posting of Helper to Junior Technician (Mechanical) 31-01-2019
Order of Sh. Janam Singh Rana. AE(Civil) 30-01-2019
Order of Sh. Ajay Kurma EE(Civil) 30-01-2019
Order of Sh. Raghubr Singh Circle Head Draughtsman 30-01-2019
Order of Sh. Sushil Kuram EE(Civil) 29-01-2019
Promotion order of Madan Lal Surveyor 24-01-2019
Promotion of work Inspector to JE(Civil) 24-01-2019
Promotion / Posting of Kanungos 24-01-2019
Order of Sh. Rattan Kumar Sharma AE (Civil) 18-01-2019
Transfer/ Posting of EE (Mech.) 16-01-2019
Notification of Sh. Vijay Pal Singh AE (QA) 15-01-2019
Leave Notification of Sh. Raj Kumar Verma Chief Engineer (SZ) HPPWD. 15-01-2019
Order of Sh. Kuldeep Singh, JE (Civil) 15-01-2019
Transfer/ Posting of AE (Civil) 15-01-2019
Transfer/ Posting of AE (Civil) 11-01-2019
Order or Retirement of Suerintendents Grade-I 11-01-2019
Promotion order of Draughtsman to Head Draughtsman 10-01-2019
Appointment order of  Head Draughtsman Class-II on Contract basis 05-01-2019
Order of Sh. Pradeep Kumar JE(Civil) 04-01-2019
Order of Smt. Bimla Devi Head  Draughtsman. 04-01-2019
Order of Sh. Bal Krishan Planning Officer. 02-01-2019
Order of Sh. Raghuveer Singh Draughtsman. 02-01-2019




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